A Career In Writing

I decided to start this free course in writing because I believe anyone can write. I know how that sounds but i am going to show you how i know this for a fact.

If you can read, you can write. Make sense? Just think of all the people you run into each day. Your child’s teacher perhaps,
Or a neighbor? There are many opportunities to interact with people all day.

Now what if you sat down after a long day and began to jot down all the things that happened. Now change the names to delightful characters for legal purposes, and you have just written your first short story.

You should have fun writing, and always remember you are telling a story no one knows but you, so you must be clear and precise.


My brother Henry was a six foot two basketball player. All the girl’s loved him but all he could think about was basketball…until Lucinda came along. The day the lanky blond cheerleader passed him in the hallway, he was smitten.

That was ten years and three children ago, and when I see my brother look into his wife’s eyes, I still smile and know they are truly in love.

With the above example you immediately understand who Henry is. You know Henry has a sister who is writing the story about her brother. You know Henry is tall…6’2. And you know he loves basketball, met a cheerleader (blond) whom he fell in love with and married. Ten years later they have three children and are still very much in love.

This is lot’s of information for a first paragraph and that is exactly what you want to do as a writer. It’s called the “Hook.”

You must bring your reader in and keep him engaged by giving him likable character’s. I’d like for you to test your skills and see if you can stop reading, and write four paragraph’s on anything you want.

After writing it, read it, then re-read it. After your have done that, read it again. Change whatever you want. A name, a place or the time of day. Evaluate yourself. If it makes you grin just a little, that’s a good thing. If not no problem.

That’s it for now, it’s about ten in the evening. I will be adding more info each day. Leave a comment for me on my comment page. This will get more interesting as we move along so get ready.